“The biggest thing I am taking away from this class is a sense of self worth I have never felt before.…”

Anonymous teaching evaluation December, 2013

“I cannot even begin to say how much I enjoyed this past semester […] Out of every class I have ever taken, I feel as though this class will make the greatest difference in my life.”

Anonymous teaching evaluation December, 2013

"I just wanted to say a massive Thank you  for everything you've done through this process. You really gave me so much confidence in what I was doing! There was a point before starting rehearsals when I was unsure whether I was in the right career as I didn't feel that I was a strong enough actor, but you completely changed my mind, you made me realise that I'm capable of so much more than what I give myself credit for."
Actor Self-reflection, Richard II.1st June 2017

"Working with Roger Smart has been such a great experience. He’s made the rehearsal studio such a welcoming place to be. Roger had so many ideas for the performance but didn’t force them on us, instead he allowed us to work collaboratively to create an interesting and unique piece of work."
Actor Self-reflection, Richard II.  May, 2017

“The environment was a safe place where we could take risks […] Roger is such an intelligent, aptly responsive, and sensitive person as a professor and mentor…”

Anonymous teaching evaluation, Fall 2004

"I have greatly enjoyed working with Roger and appreciated how organised he is — he has planned out and scheduled every day by the minute which has aided me to come as prepared as possible to the rehearsal space."
Actor Self-reflection, Richard II.  May, 2017

“Roger has truly been an inspiration in my life. I have learned so much about myself as a person and I have more confidence in the subject than I ever had before.”

Anonymous teaching evaluation December, 2013

“Roger always made sure that we felt comfortable with the instructions that we were given. He set up an environment that ensured we would all be successful in whatever tasks we were given. […] Every single day, I learned something new from my peers and my professor.”

Anonymous teaching evaluation, December, 2014

“Roger is such an intelligent, aptly responsive, and sensitive person as a professor and mentor, and his class was strict but not rigidly so. We all had to follow basic guidelines, but the freedom and safety in the environment he has created is conducive to learning and actually applying things. The progress I've made is truly awesome. And his teaching style is individualistic and learned.”                   

Anonymous teaching evaluation, Fall 2004

“Roger, I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done for us. I feel like I’ve grown not just as an actor but as a person over the course of this semester. […] When I go home and talk to my parents about what I’m learning I have more to say than I ever have in my whole life…“

Sophomore Actor, Self-reflection Dec 2014

“I’d like to thank you, Roger for everything you’ve taught me about being a genuine actor and ultimately, a genuine person. I feel very strongly about the connection that I have with my classmates, and how much their love and support has pushed me, but I also truly value the influence that you’ve had on all of us, and the amazing mark you’ve left on my life. You truly have been such an inspiration not only to me, but our entire class.”

Sophomore Actor, Self-reflection December, 2014

“I will miss Roger. His humanity and generosity have been my greatest gift to me since I've been at UNCG.”

Anonymous teaching evaluation, Spring 2005

“Spectacular teacher. One of the primary reasons to come to this program…”

Graduate actor - Anonymous teaching evaluation Spring 2013

“This class was perhaps the most useful theater class I've ever taken, for the knowledge I gained has far eclipsed what the course is ever designed to teach.”

Anonymous teaching evaluation, Fall 2004

“Roger is so dedicated to our individual growth in the class — realizing where we each are and catering his teaching to accommodate.”

Anonymous teaching evaluation, Fall 2004