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William Shakespeare


Roger Smart & James Smith

University of Northampton


This production of Macbeth (Shakespeare) was performed by second year BA acting students at The University of Northampton

The image presentation was shared with the actors as an alternative to a verbal vision statement.

"It has been exciting going into rehearsals and using Roger's methods, because you can never predict how/what will happen or come from you each day which has been refreshing. I have just loved this way of working and collaborating."

Ensemble Member, Macbeth, May, 2018


"In this process I have found myself begin to trust and enjoy my own opinions and views as an actor, without over-intellectualising. This is down to the relationship I have formed with my director, and I am confident that from this project, I have the self-belief to succeed, which has come from Roger's creative but structured and disciplined directing style. I feel it has been a freeing, open, communicative relationship."

Ensemble Member, Macbeth,  May, 2018 (original emphasis)

Macbeth Production video

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