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Rebecca Lenkiewicz


Shattered Globe Theatre


• Joseph Jefferson Awards Committee Recommended Production
• Chicago on the Aisle - Highly Recommended production

“…a sleeper gem of the season…directed with raw energy and edge by Roger Smart […] To each soul in this cross-section of life in time of foment, Shattered Globe’s company gives a distinctive face and bearing.”

Lawrence Johnson, Chicago on the Aisle
May 15, 2012


“Roger Smart’s brilliant 18-member ensemble conjure up the pre-World War I agitation that only that war could quiet and finally reward. A superbly chosen cast offer a cross-section of English society at a major crossroads, with a carping chorus of male bullies in Parliament a stark contrast to the quiet conviction of the striking (in every way) suffragettes.”

Lawrence Bommer, Chicago Stage Standard
May, 2012

Her Naked Skin Production video

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