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Steven Berkoff adapted from Franz Kafka


National Pastime Theater, Chicago


“Both the abstract trial and the abstract truth burst into life in National Pastime’s strenuous revival . . . the 13 cast members erupt in stylized movement and mechanical mime, flawlessly directed by Roger Smart.  Smart’s staging drives home Kafka’s nightmare . . .”

Lawrence Bommer, The Chicago Reader
February 24th, 1995

“[the] thrilling first image of this environmental production greets the incoming audience with stylized movement and clever stage pictures that take effect long before the first word of Steven Berkoff’s adaptation is spoken . . . . . . director Roger Smart knows what he is about.”

Chris Jones, New City
March 9th, 1995

“Add the directing talents of Roger Smart and you have the perfect setup for a challenging production.”

Kathleen Tobin, The Beverly Review
March 15, 1995

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