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William Shakespeare


Shattered Globe Theatre


This production of Romeo & Juliet was inspired by Factory Theatre's Hamlet. The actors were all able to play multiple roles.  At the beginning of each performance, the audience voted as to who would play each role.  Romeo & Juliet was performed in non-traditional spaces all over the City of Chicago: bars; parks and, as was the case with this performance, the Observatory of the Hancock Building.

“If you have high school students at home who think Shakespeare is dull and hard to understand, this production might make them reconsider.”

Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune
May 23, 2011

“Under the direction of Roger Smart, the show is tightly paced professionalism. It’s an impressive surprise. The informality around the show, before it starts and during intermission, seems to indicate a more loose affair.  The charades-in-the-living-room comfy vibe is sidelined as the first line cues up the polished acting.  The Shakespearean prose is delivered with conversational passion…an entertaining one-of-a-kind theatrical experience.”

Scotty Zacher, Chicago Theater Beat
May 18, 2011

Production video

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