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William Shakespeare


Oklahoma State University


The cast of Julius Caesar ranged from Freshmen undergraduates to MA graduate students.

“I think as an ensemble we were magnificent together. That is another thing too, but this is been one of the best ensembles to work with… Amazingly for a cast of thousands…this was amazingly one of the best ensembles to work with.[…] it started at the beginning with the Viewpoints work. With the ensemble work. On stage we were taking care of each other, but offstage we were taking care of each other too. […] there was a lot more trust there."

"I am definitely a person of habit and so my movements ended up solidifying themselves. […] But it was not the same every time. The movement from here to there might have been the same cross, but the tempo of it, the attitude behind it, the intentions of the thoughts and feelings, all of that was changing through [to the final performance]. I loved that! It was really neat. […] I was never nervous about what was gonna happen. I knew the lines were coming out and knew essentially where we were going to start and stop the scene. I knew what had to happen during the scene. So I was never uncomfortable. It was just neat how your reactions can change every time. [And that] happened through [doing] all of the Viewpoints. Because the script and blocking becomes secondary to [the] relationship." 

Actor playing Calpurnia, Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar Production video

There are occasional minor audio problems with this file

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