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Ronald Harwood

Director & Scenic Designer

Shattered Globe Theatre, Chicago, IL


Hollywood Performing Arts, Hollywood, FL



Awarded Joseph Jefferson Citation for Actor in a Principle Role

Awarded Joseph Jefferson Citation for Scenic Design
• Nominated for Joseph Jefferson Citation for Direction
• Joseph Jefferson Awards Committee Recommended Production


Carbonelle Awards: Actor in a Leading Role — Honorable Mention

“…playing on Smart’s ingenious backstage set…”

Stephenie Shaw, Chicago Reader

October 30, 1992

“Roger Smart’s brilliant set…”

Jack Helbig, New City

October 22, 1992


“. . . Phalen and Zukovski (Norman and Sir) wake up the  theater in a rare and scintillating dual performance . . .Roger Smart has directed superbly, and the set he designed evokes the play’s mood perfectly.”

Bill Von Maurer, Ft Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel
December 7, 1994

“. . .features two exceptional performances . . . under Roger Smart’s taut, intelligent direction.”

Hap Erstein, The Palm Beach Post
December 12, 1994

“ . . . his bare-bones set effectively suggests the dank, uninviting feel of a dressing room and the back-stage area of a less-than-flourishing  provincial theatre.”

George Capewell, Miami Herald
December 8, 1994


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