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William Shakespeare


Millikin University


The members of the cast of Romeo & Juliet were undergraduate BA and BFA actors, ranging from Freshmen to Seniors.

The image presentation was shared with both designers and actors as an alternative to a verbal vision statement.

"[The early ensemble building exercises] helped a ton. The sense of play I felt with working on the show was so amazing and I think a lot of my…willingness to play came from the trust exercises and trusting the ensemble too. […] I think a lot of that had to do with the improv work we did, ‘cause there was never any pressure for the relationships to be any way and you never told me that this is how your relationship is with the specific person. It all came from…from us, it was all created. It was all created through…it was just created.”

“[The improvised relationship work] helped me ease into relationships a lot quicker than I would in other situations and I think that the relationships that were built were based on a whole lot more truth than anything else I’ve done, because there was something going on on a much deeper level than any of the ways I’ve explored the relationship in a process. […] It was never a problem trying to figure out what the relationship was, they just developed and they were there quickly.”

Actor who played Juliet

Romeo & Juliet Production video

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